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We believe in wonderful possibilities for both animal and human development in wilderness locations and that’s why we have a passion for the natural world and showing you how to enjoy and learn from it, to navigate through it and to survive it. Stefan Forsman our lead guide and teacher in wilderness survival and bushcraft is one of the best in Scandinavia and can be seen in the movie WILDERNESS ADVENTURES IN SWEDEN working with young hikers in beautiful locations, including Fulufjällets National Park, Njupeskär, Fjätfallen and Yxningåfallen.

Get Lost in the Wild conducts educational programs in wilderness survival and bushcraft and also provides unique wilderness experiences all year round - with adventure packages ready to go in hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, fishing, snow mobiling, camping, wilderness TV and more. Enjoy getting lost with us and finding out how alive you can be with wilderness programs for all levels from first time walkers and pre-schoolers to teenagers to hiking junkies who like their wilderness adventures a little more extreme.

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