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Stefan Forsman

Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival Specialist / Hunting Guide and Lead Guide
Stefan Forsman has been leading and teaching on wilderness programs and treks for about 25 years. He has guided groups through challenging terrains on both sides of the Atlantic in Scandinavia, America and Canada, and also Australia, offering a wealth of knowledge that comes from a very rigorous and highly qualified background in wilderness appreciation and survival. As you can see in the picture above, taking animals into the wild as well is one of Stefan’s passions and speciality areas as a wilderness guide and educator.

Stefan spent years in his youth developing wilderness knowledge from living with native Sami communities in Lapland, learning skills handed down from old hunters and raising and training animals to live and work in wilderness conditions. His background also includes being a former ranger with the Swedish Army. He is qualified to lead teams, to operate and survive in arctic conditions and teach civilians with reality based training the arts of
self protection and wilderness survival.

It is this level of combined knowledge and experience over many years that is very important for the range of experiences that Get Lost in the Wild offers - most importantly for people entering the wilderness for the first time but also for adventurers wanting to seek new frontiers in wilderness experience and opportunities to practice in the art of survival. When it comes to the real thing, experience counts, especially in the wilderness. Whether it is sudden changes in weather or guiding people safely across deep crevasses, through rivers, wild canyons and over glaciers, you want to be with someone who knows what they are doing and leadership capability. Stefan Forsman is not someone straight out of school. He has dedicated years to practice knowledge and hone his skills in all areas necessary for care of the wilderness and survival within it. 

As a teacher and guide in wilderness experiences, Stefan is highly valued for helping individuals to move their personal boundaries; helping them to develop greater self awareness and personal confidence and their own individual ability for positive and effective leadership. His clients have ranged from corporate executives wanting to improve their leadership capability to state departments in Sweden and Norway, who have entrusted him with problem youth to help them gain a new perspective on life.

Debra Robertson

Debra Robertson supports the Get Lost team with its vision to win more people over to the wilderness experience, to appreciate it, to look after it and to learn and grow from it personally. She designs creative campaigns that communicate this vision as well as helping the company to develop educational programs that centre around the wilderness experience.

Debra’s background includes being a journalist in Australia and the UK, a writer, director and performer in the arts and as a university researcher and lecturer in performance studies. Her combined experience also includes being a founding director of the Australian-based company,
Performance Frontiers, where from 2001-2006 she specialised in the design and facilitation of experiential, arts based learning programs for corporate and government sectors.  From 2007-2008, she was global marketing consultant for ecospecifier Pty Ltd., designing and implementing communication strategies to promote ecospecifier’s services, which include verification of eco building materials and technologies as a resource for the built environment industries, as well as helping to develop greater ecological awareness in building practices worldwide. In 2009, Debra also launched marketing and communications company, Debra Robertson Productions, to help promote other eco-focused businesses in Scandinavia.

Wild Dog Buster

Assistant to Lead Guide
Stefan Forsman also is renowned for his work and contribution to the field of humane animal care and behavioural development. Teaching people how do get positive, long lasting results with their animals, Stefan has inspired many around the world, including successful animal practitioners within the racing industry in the
UK to the new frontline of animal communicators in the USA, among others. His dog Buster, who he found roaming wild on the streets of Portugal 4 years ago (SEE ARTICLE) now helps the Get Lost team show you some of Northern Europe’s most beautiful wilderness destinations.

Our wilderness clients understand and accept that Buster is a free dog and does not wear a lead as he has been reared to behave and control himself in all situations and locations - both cities and wilderness. The first thing you will start to notice on a hike with Buster is that he is very obedient and especially enjoys being ahead of the rest of the group on wilderness hikes. Just a call from his owner is usually enough for this wild dog to make an appearance and show you how interesting and exciting every moment in the wild can be. Buster will also offer you some great photo opportunities. He is also joined by his children, Lars, Mårten and Fia.

Lollo Pettersson

Consultant - Native Skills/Traditional food

Anita Holpers

Consultant - Native Skills/Natural skin and hair products

Lennart Persson

Consultant - Native Skills/Knife making/Natural hunting products

Smulan Persson

Marketing Intern - Communications Design and Marketing

Siv and Kjetil Hornsletten

Business Development - Norway

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